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Our Membership includes lots of bonus content for Hairstylists, Live monthly Q&A, Private Facebook Community, Monthly Training Videos, Salon Locator, and much more…

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All memberships are month-to-month


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Refine Your Skills w/@Hairby_Chrissy

The Habit & Haircation Team are here to support you, forever

There’s a lot to learn about doing perfect hair. Here at Habit and Haircation, it is NEVER our goal to release a training video and then just say good luck. Our goal is to give you the tools and the resources to do great hair and run a profitable business. We want you to watch our training videos, and join our live Q&A sessions and ask questions. We are here to help inspire you and get more clients in your chair.

All memberships are month-to-month


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All memberships are month-to-month


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So…What is included?

Our goal for this membership is to help YOU as a Haircation stylist, become more confident with our methods, get more clients, and feel comfortable hiring and working with assistants. We want you to FEEL INSPIRED every month.


Monthly Haircation Video Training


Live Q&A Sessions with @hairby_chrissy


Private Facebook Group


Salon Locator Access For New Clients To find you


Discounts on Hair Supplies


Access to All @hairby_chrissy's Formulas


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This isn’t another membership site.
It’s a community of high performing stylists.

This isn’t about giving you the tools and techniques without showing you how to apply them.

This isn’t even about giving you the tactics without showing you how to implement them.

As a Haircation stylist, we’re teaching you both the theory and the PRACTICE of mastering our method so you can outperform yourself every month by taking on more clients, working with new assistants, and receiving more money!

This is everything you’ve been waiting for in a stylist family to empower you and upgrade your business!

Hey! I’m Chrissy Rasmussen (@hairby_chrissy) the founder of Habit Salon & Habit Extension. I have been a hairstylist for the last 22 years. And, have been lucky enough to grow a great clientele

I started Habit salon in 1997 and since then we have styled, colored, and done thousands of people’s hair and now have over 90 talented stylists that work with me every day.

We’ve worked together on multiple incredibly successful launches for our own businesses, as well as for our clients. Founded Haircation in 2017 to share everything I know about hair and running a salon.

In fact, we have worked with thousands of stylists over the last few years and have helped many transform their entire businesses. From brand new stylists looking to get their first 20 clients to those at the 6-figure mark in their salon business.

Our Transformation video’s