Live Business

Season 1

Episode 2 – assitants


Episode 2 Topics

1. When to hire an assistant

2. How to find and hire an assistant

3. How to Maximize your assitant


Featuring Chrissy & Rich Rasmussen

Come join us for this business series where we go over how Habit started AND evolved from an attic salon to where we are today. We will go over in detail with you LIVE everything that works for us at Habit!  In this first season we will be going over THE SIX BIGGEST FACTORS that helped us grow and really become more efficient, profitable and have more…FUN.  Hair is and should be FUN. Our goal is to help empower you as a stylist with all the tools you need to run and operate a successful business.

Want to hear what has worked for us at Habit Salon?

The time has come and we are so excited!  We have been asked for years about sharing what we do behind the scenes at Habit.  If you know us we want to share in a fun, real world and interactive kind of way.  Launching our exclusive Business LIVE series will allow us to share, in depth, while taking LIVE questions that can be answered directly to stylists and salon owners.

We look at education more as sharing what works for us. We are and will always be an open book to help empower stylists in all aspects behind the chair and running your business.

Season 1 of Haircation Business LIVE will consist of 6 LIVE episodes that will go into depth on all aspect of running, growing and even sustaining your business with the goal to NOT burnout and keep hair…FUN.  


Where it all started!!

Prom 1993 – Mesa, AZ

Rich and Chrissy met in High School in 1991.  So it’s been over 30 years that we have been….first and foremost friends.  After a year of being friends in the same class we started to “hang out” :-).  Fast forward 6 years we married in 1997 and launched Habit Salon at the same time.   Over these last 25 years we have evolved from an attic salon to rental salon of 500sqft, to a rental salon of 1,000sqft, to a rental salon of 1,500sqft, to a commission based salon of 2,000 sqft, then expanding to 4,500 sqft, then to 6,000 sqft and serving both Arizona, California and even beyond.

“Our story” is not unique as we have talked with thousands of stylists from around the world.  We feel that connection when we get together…”we are all the same people…just living in different cities”.  Brining us together and helping each other is the goal. 

We invite you to come and be a part of what we have built and are building.  THE BEST hair community in the WORLD that is positive, build each other up, shares best practices and always looks to Learn – Share – Grow.  This has been our motto from DAY 1.