How much are your education packages?
Our Standard is $49/month, Premium is $99/month. Start learning here: https://haircation.com
How much does a class cost?

$1,200 for a color class, $2,050 for extensions hands-on classes

Upcoming Classes

When is your next class?
As of  right now we do not have a set date for a new class. Be sure to follow us on social media! We post all our classes there as soon as they are available for purchase.
What are the benefits for becoming a member?
Private Instagram, Webinars, Videos, Formulas, Tutorials, GroupMe with all the stylists, and get placed onto the Salon Locator.
Do you teach extensions on your online site?
Yes, we have webinars and tutorials located online that can help you learn our extension method.
How do I change my password?
If you are already a member, you can change your password here:


What will be taught in the in-person class?
Class info is located under each class. (where you buy the ticket).


How do I join the GroupMe & get accepted into the private Instagram?

The GroupMe and Instagram groups have been moved to a private Facebook Group! If you are a member of Haircation and would like to join our Facebook Group, click this link here

How do I cancel my account?
Yes, you can cancel your account at any point in time.

Click the three lines on the top left:

Navigate to your “My Profile -> Subscriptions -> Cancel

Can I rejoin after cancelling?
Yes, you are free to come and go as you please.

Keep in mind any discount you may have had will be lost upon cancellation.

The class is full, can you fit me in or place me on a waiting list?
Yes, we will place you on a waiting list in case there are any cancellations or extra spots that become available
How do I shadow?

We would love to have you in for shadowing! If you click this link it will take you to where you can read more about our shadowing program and book your slot with one of our stylists.

Stylist Shadowing

Where can I buy extensions?
Can I be certified for extensions through your online education?

No, you must come to an in-person class or a shadowing day with one of our extension specialists.

Is the Habit Hand Tied Extension Method the same as NBR?
We know and respect Danielle White and NBR system and name a lot.  We do NOT market ourselves as NBR or NBR trainers….Chrissy trained with Danielle years ago but never used any of her marketing or continued with her training.  Over the years we have done a lot of extensions in Habit Salon and traveling. We get clients flying in to get work done and doing extensions is a big part of what we do at Habit.  We wanted to have better consistency with hair so we tried for years to establish a relationship with a manufacturer/distributor. After years of frustration we found a great partner, Bombshell Extensions:


They have great relationships with manufactures and distributors and or partnership on Habit Hand Tied Hair by Bombshell has allowed us to continue to focus on hair and education vs. the ordering, stocking and shipping of product.


Since we have never had a marketing relationship with NBR and we started teaching classes…both live in-salon AND online….we were getting a lot of requests to have us share what we do and know.  We LOVE to share all we know…especially when it comes to extensions. That means sharing the method we know and use AND other methods like tape-ins AND we are just about to share a new method we are working on that we feel is great for the clients….more info to come.  We are very excited about this new method. We have been doing it a lot in the salon and we are testing feedback with clients and how it holds up.


So…we are NOT telling people to NOT do NBR.  To the contrary, they are great.  They have a great name and reputation.  We feel that what we are doing and want to do is to share all we do in the salon…this includes extensions.  Not only one method but several methods and the important steps of matching, coloring, and styling. Plus, sharing what we know with our community and learning new technique to continually improve the method.


We have two extension exclusive videos (one hand tied and the other tape-ins) loaded on haircation www.haircation.com where we do a extension step by step….we are also just about to release a PDF slide show on each step too….


When it comes to classes…we are telling members and stylists that if they want additional training we recommend a day of shadowing and training specifically on extensions.  That way you can watch videos, study printed materials and then in person see it live, ask questions from educator AND then try it on a real person! This is available at Habit Salon with our extension stylists.

How much would it be for my salon to join?
We have it so if a group 5 – 9 would join it is $50 per person per month . We decided that at 10 -15 people we would charge $40 per person per month and then with 16+ people we would charge $35 per person per month.

Another thing we discussed was how these could be payed.


  1. Everyone could pay for their own membership. Ex. you have 12 people, each individual would be paying $40 per month.


  1. The other option could be that the salon pays a monthly portion and allows a cheaper price for the stylists. Ex. 12 people so it would be $40 per month but the salon offers to pay $120 per month or whatever price they determine (could even be 300 or all of it, whatever they choose). This would make it so that each of the 12 stylists is only paying $30 a month because the salon is paying a portion of it at $120 a month. This could be a great option because your salon is helping it’s stylist get education, which is essential for stylists.


If you were wondering about some of the features we have, we provide webinars, which occur monthly. We also provide little tutorials that come from both stylists from habit and also other members as well. Another great feature we provide is access to a private group chat on Group me with over 100 other members of Haircation where you can ask questions and learn about different types of styles. It is a great community and everyone helps each other out. We also will follow you on our private and public Instagrams and feature your work!

Do you offer extension training?

We have four extension specialists. Our extension training consists of a 6 hour hands on training day which includes shadowing/demo of installation. The pricing for this would be $3,000. This training includes a kit you receive at the beginning of the training to use (not including the hair) and to bring home so you are able to get working right away after the training.

This is a rare opportunity that no other stylists are offering as of right now and we know you will learn a lot about how our hand tied extensions work.

Do you know of any stylists who use your method in my location?

You can search our Salon Locator at www.haircation.com/salon-locator/ in order to find members around you who have been learning our methods and formulas.

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