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Habit Extension Method Complete Upgrade

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What’s included:

HEM COMPLETE™ is a full certification. When you purchase this program you will learn and become certified in all 4 of our methods.

Habit Hidden Method

Habit Comfort Method

Habit Active Method

Habit Clip-in Complete Series


This is a 3 week certification program where you will learn all of these methods available. The course will be released on January 25th 2022.

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3 Easy Steps To Certification

We are here to help you grow and become inspired



One day a week you will meet with your Habit Mentor. This mentor will assist you throughout your entire 4 weeks of this course. You will also have the opportunity to message them at anytime during your class.



The length of this class will be 3 weeks long. After completing this course you will be online certified in the Habit Extension Method



Every week you will be able to ask questions live and receive answers from your mentor as well as all of your classmates. At this time you will get answers to anything you may have struggled with during the week.

What is HEM Complete?

HEM COMPLETE ™ is a full certification. When you purchase this program you will learn and become certified in all 4 of our methods.

What Methods Do We Teach?

We have curated 4 different methods for all types of clients. Habit Hidden, Habit Comfort, Habit Active, and Clip-In’s.

Key Course Takeaways

Complete the course feeling confident in the Habit Extension Method. Create friendships with other stylists and your mentor that you will learn with. Receive continued support in our certified stylist Facebook group.

What stylists are saying

“To begin, being able to learn from home during a province wide Lockdown (Ontario, Canada) really made me feel connected to my career. It kept me motivated as I was learning through the very clear videos.” – Elyse B

“The videos were awesome it took me a couple times watching certain portions, but that’s because it helps me remember easier” – Bailee B

“Overall- loved the class. Would absolutely recommend! My favorite part was actually being able to have the videos available to rewatch. I watched each all the way through. But then I would go back through and skip around to the parts I needed to refresh or better understand.” – Jessica B