Haircation Premium Membership

Pay yearly to save $450
($37 / month instead of $75 / mo)

What’s included:

  • All Refine Educator Courses
  • Exclusive Salon Locator Placement
  • Access To All Haircation Lessons
  • Connect with other stylists in our Facebook group
  • Discounts on salon products, software and tools
  • Daily Support from our live chat Monday – Friday

Financing Available
Tap the chat bubble and ask us about financing for the yearly membership

What stylists are saying

“To begin, being able to learn from home during a province wide Lockdown (Ontario, Canada) really made me feel connected to my career. It kept me motivated as I was learning through the very clear videos.” – Elyse B

“The videos were awesome it took me a couple times watching certain portions, but that’s because it helps me remember easier” – Bailee B

“Overall- loved the class. Would absolutely recommend! My favorite part was actually being able to have the videos available to rewatch. I watched each all the way through. But then I would go back through and skip around to the parts I needed to refresh or better understand.” – Jessica B