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20 Years As A Stylist

For the last 20 years I’ve worked as a stylists, specializing in Hand Tied Extensions. I’ve worked on thousands of girl’s hair including Brielle Bierman, Savannah Labrant, & even The Bachelor’s Tia Rachel. I have spent hundreds of hours working, learning, experimenting and perfecting techniques that get me amazing results, everyday with my clients.

Why Haircation? Because I share all of my methods, techniques and secrets that I have developed over the last 20 years as a stylist. As a salon owner with over 70 stylists working with me I love seeing them have success with their clients. Because I want to see my stylist succeed I am continuously sharing what works and what doesn’t with them. Sharing techniques with them so they can have the perfect outcome with all of their clients. Now I want to do the same for you. Enter your email below to learn see a free video tutorial.

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