Online Habit Extension Method

The online Habit Extension Method class is about to begin!!  All of us, the Habit team, are so excited to train with you.

Here is what you need to do to prepare for the class to get the most out of it.

1. Sign up for Haircation: Your membership will give you access to all the videos, courses and trainings on Haircation.

Sign up for Haircation here:
(if you already have a Haircation account, let us know and we can cancel your other membership. Just chat us by clicking the pink chat bubble at the bottom right of the website) 

Once you sign up you can instantly start viewing all the Haircation videos and the course videos will begin being released on the April 13th. (Note: you are getting Haircation free for a full year, once the year has expired your account will automatically renew for $19 / month. Discounted from the regular $75 premium plan. $900 value)

Starting on April 13th you will begin your first week of extension training. To begin, click on the Mentor Tab at the top of your Haircation page. This will give you a preview of your mentor as well as access to your course. The videos for the online extension training will be a “watch at your own pace” style. Meaning you will have the freedom to watch and rewatch the instructor, so you can get the most out of it and follow along on your mannequin head at your own pace. After you complete a video you will have an assignment that you will need to complete before moving onto the next lesson. These assignments must be turned into your mentor when completed via the mentor chat app. (I will share the link for this down below) The assignments will be specific to what you learned in each video and you will submit photos to your mentor so that she can approve/grade your work.

Each Monday after April 13th new videos will be released for you to watch, explaining new parts of the extension technique and with new assignments. KEY to learning this technique and being successful with clients is PRACTICE. Watch the videos more than once, practice sectioning, beading, installing, sewing dozens of times. Complete the assignments more than once. Practice as much as you can and ask your mentor any questions you may have along the way.


2. Meeting your mentor: Once you have signed up for Haircation you will be assigned a mentor & a group.Once you are assigned a mentor you will be able to live chat with your mentor throughout the Mentor Chat App. Those chats will be one on one with the mentor no other student in your group will see the questions you ask your mentor via chat app. You will receive a message from your mentor once you are assigned.

Download the app here: 
If you have an iPhone:

If you have an Android

3. Sign up for Every week your mentor will host a live Q+A. During these live Q+A’s your mentor will go over what you learned that week and then answer any and all questions your group may have. The live videos will be hosted on the Haircation website. However, you will need to be logged into in order to comment and ask questions. So head over to and sign up for an account there. (Be sure to remember your username and password so you don’t have any issues logging in for the Live with your mentor)

The first live Q+A will be March 1st or 2nd depending on your mentor.

Sign up for here:

Visit Our How -To Page: Below is a link with lots of FAQ’s and instructional videos like how to upload assignments, how to connect with your instructor, etc.

You can visit that page here:

Apply for access to purchase hair:  A lot of Hair extension websites require an account in order to purchase hair. We have been loving Covet and Mane Hair & EasiHair Pro. Head to and Apply and EasiHair Pro ( You do not HAVE to use Covet and Mane or EasiHair Pro hair for the method. We have just been loving it. You can use whatever hair brand you would like)

All of us are so humbled that you chose Habit to learn with. We appreciate it and are so excited to help you add this service to your salon. If you have any questions feel free to respond to this email.

Thank you.