Savannah Field

I started at Habit 2 years ago after being in the industry for 5 years. The amount of growth I have had as a stylist since working here has been more than I could have ever imagined.

I have become a Habit Extension Method specialist thanks to Chrissy and my main mentor Allison Hallows (my beauty school bestie).I have a passion for teaching and being involved in people’s growth as stylists; new and experienced.

My philosophy is that we as stylist, and people, must always be challenging ourselves to grow and become our best selves.My goal as your mentor is to help with a part of that. I hope to encourage everyone in my class to try new things and rock it!

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Welcome To The Habit Extension Method Complete Online Course
Week 1: Habit Extension Comfort Method
Week 2: Habit Extension Hidden Method
Week 3: Habit Extension Method Active Method and Habit Extension Method Clip In Service