Sunkissed Look

Chrissy will be showing you how to create a low maintenance natural sunkissed look. This is the perfect service for clients wanting to touch up previous balayage services or someone wanting a lived in look.

  • Client Consultations
  • Creating A Game Plan For Application
  • Formulation of Lightner and Color
  • Applying Teasy Lights, Low Lights, and Root Color
  • Formulation Of Tonors
  • Application of Roots, Mids, and Ends

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What is included:

In this course you will learn how to evaluate any clients natural grow out and add depth and dimension in areas the sun would naturally hit. You will learn how to utilize teasy lights, low lights, multi level toning and so much more.

What stylists are saying

“To begin, being able to learn from home during a province wide Lockdown (Ontario, Canada) really made me feel connected to my career. It kept me motivated as I was learning through the very clear videos.” – Elyse B

“The videos were awesome it took me a couple times watching certain portions, but that’s because it helps me remember easier” – Bailee B

“Overall- loved the class. Would absolutely recommend! My favorite part was actually being able to have the videos available to rewatch. I watched each all the way through. But then I would go back through and skip around to the parts I needed to refresh or better understand.” – Jessica B